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2019 is off to a great start. I think I’ll just list out good stuff, and then list out what I should focus on this month.

  • Did all my training runs/jogs for Crescent City Classic
  • Been keeping track of my input calories into my body using MyFitnessPal
    • Lost ~6-7lbs in the process of the above
  • Planned or planning various trips
    • GDC [indie pass] in March 2019 @ San Francisco
    • FLAIRS-32 in May 2019 @ Saratosa, FL
      • (OMG, my paper got accepted, I get to go somewhere!)
    • Family Summer trip, IDK if it’ll be Europe or elsewhere, but definitely planning on having my mom, Colleen, and I together with my bro’s family somewhere on this planet!
  • KonMari Method of Tidying up! What!?!?
    • Wow… this one hit me like a bag of bricks from left field.
    • I’m at Lesson 1: Clothing.
    • I’m deciding what clothing I will take with me into my future
      • Does this clothing Spark Joy in me?
    • Thank the clothing that I will not bring to my future for the lessons it taught me or good times we had
      • Wow! This second point really helped alleviate soo much guilt I have about me letting go of some of my old clothes
      • (even some I have never worn before!)
  • Made a funny little game in 48 hours called Home Wrecker! at Global Game Jam 2019

So, hmmm, here are the things I’ll focus on this month…

  • Of course, get a 2nd picture of me with all red X’s on my February training guide
  • Start some seed projects where, hopefully, some will bloom into beautiful fruit this year
  • Speaking of gardening…. clean up my garden
  • Finish KonMari Method Lesson 1 and start Lesson 2: Books
  • Make time to enjoy da’ Mardi Gras!
  • Learn every chance I get!
  • Find the time to laugh and love every once in a while!