March has been a trip! Here’s my March:

  • Started the month off with a little NOLA vacation, aka the Mardi Gras 2019.
  • Work has been interesting as I’ve been transitioning away from a project that I never really wanted in the first place. So, excited about that… but I do not know how long this “transition” will last.
  • GDC 2019! Wow! What a cool experience. Many like minded game makers all meeting in one place. Some were down to earth. Some were hoity toity. Many were job hunting. And I got to see lecture upon lecture of how to succeed in the industry… albeit anecdotal. Here’s a list of videos that can be seen at the GDC Vault [not all of it is free].
    • I definitely want to go again. I want to submit a game. I want to be involved next time! So that’s what I’ll do prepping for it!

Now what does April hold for me?

  • To be brutally honest with myself, ever since I fell off the training bandwagon for the CCC10k in late February, it’s been hard to get back! I am still hitting my goals most days, but the goal I initially set for myself may not be hit (10k/1hr). But I won’t give up just yet, I have a couple weeks to push myself! April 20 is the big day!
  • Defend my thesis! Wow, writing this paper and prepping for this is harder than I thought. I may try to buy myself more time and ask we do it early May.
  • PDAT. Author automated testing tool! This thing will be awesome if we can get it to work. One of the core contributions to research that this will be is finding a way to distinguish clusters of different stories and showing an author an example story from each cluster.
  • Celebrate my anniversary on April 6, 2019. Actually, as I’m writing this, the date has already passed. My wife was really cool with the low key anniversary we ended up having. (I basically cleaned most of the day, took her out to dinner and shopped.)
  • Still fit in studying for quizzes, writing papers for classes, and doing a good job, or at least average job, at work.

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it this month!