Dear Blog,

It’s Saturday, and what a wonderful Saturday it is! Tomorrow my brother’s wife and kids come back! Very exciting for everyone here! Well, we split all the house work between us, and got the whole house done. It looks nice now, and ready for the family.

Oh yeah, we were up soo freaking late last night just trying to get Mac OS X on my laptop. But, wow! After all those hours, and some hours today, We finally got it! At the end of this blog, I’ll kind of go into detail what I got, and what we did to get this working. It was tough work, but the solution is easy (once you know what you’re doing).

So since I slept late yesterday, I woke up about 12PM today. Way too late! I had Yogurt and a leftover taco this morning.

But dinner time was muuchhh better. My brother, my mom, and I went to La Madeline. I had a Caesar Salad with Chicken. Delicious. I also had lotsa of bread and jam. You got to love the free food, right? Anyway, it’s probably one of the last times of my trip that we will be able to go out and eat. So it was most definitely good times.

Alright, alright, so for the details on this Mac OS X install on my laptop. My computer is an E1405 with a Dell Wireless Card (Thanks, Alex!), Sigmatel 9200 Sound, and 27A2 Intel 945 Graphics. So first, We got the aitkos 10.5.5 Mac OS X Install DVD, and here are the options I set during the install (that wasn’t set by default)

Very Important Note: Disable multi-core processor in BIOS before install. If you don’t, your computer will LAG big time! So watch it!

-x86 AHCI (for my PS/2 keyboard and mouse)

-950 GM A (not B)… good software renderer that let’s you use your full resolution

-Intel SATA for my SATA

This should install fine. But if you are having a problem that you get a black screen right after the MAC boots, then it is a problem with your video drivers. Boot with -s option (as your computer boots, you should be able to hit a key, see boot:, enter -s there)… run the command it recommends to change files, /sbin/mount -uw /, and then cd /System/Library/Extensions, then delete AppleIntelGMA* and AppleInterIntegrated* (be careful and run rm -rf [files]). Now it should boot no problem (I hope!).

Alright, if you had a Dell Wireless card, then when you finally get into the Mac OS X with internet, I really recommend updating to the newest version of Mac OS X (10.5.7 here). Then download the Dell Laptop Post Installer (v1.4.1 now). For my laptop, I installed the option, SD Card. If you want Dual Core Support, try installing a dual-support kernel under Others. For Sound, you need the AppleHDAPatch and the right audio driver, in my case the Sigmatel 9200.txt. Drag the txt file to the AppleHDAPatch (ver 1.2). For the video driver, get the kalyKexts for the 950GM and install that. Install it by extracting it, navigating to that directory, **chown -R root:wheel *** and mv * /System/Library/Extensions.

Downloads that I need to mirror shortly

Dell Laptop Post Installer v1.4.1



That really should be it! I hope that works for you as well as it did for me! As seen way above, I have a MAC on a PC with full video support, audio support, and feels as close to a Mac that I’m going to get. Now I must proceed with my master plan (whatever that may be!).

Alright, that’s enough of that! Have a good night, I need to get to bed! A new day awaits with new opportunities and new circumstances. See you then!

– E.T.

PS – Oh my god! Please disable IPv6 on Mac OS X 10.5.7!! Hours of headache just to upload pictures to this blog! Had to go back to Windows just to finish! But I think this is the solution! (Also may be the solution to fix your Window Network Browsing)