Hi! My name is E.T. and welcome to my site! Below are projects which I’ve been involved. Thanks for checking me out!

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Home Wrecker!

(January 25, 2019 - January 27, 2019)

Ever had an exhausting shopping trip to decorate your home with all the shipping and handling, etc? Or looked forever to find someone to rent a room? Well look no further! We got you covered! But with all the difficulties of home maintenance, how long can you protect the comfort of your home? (Left click to punch! Right click to hide!)

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Windows Media Center Canvas

(December 16 2018 - January 13 2019)

A Windows Media Center front end in HTML5/JavaScript. It’s hard to find a good extender for the Windows Media Center. Hence I built one that connects to ServerMCE. However, websites cannot connect directly to a TCP Socket, hence I made a WebSocket bridge that sends commands from browser to TCP Socket using WebSockets.

Project has been shelved due to school starting.

A Prisoner’s Decree

(November 30 2018 - December 2 2018)

A quick 48 hour action puzzle game that I created for Ludem Dare 43. It was fun to make and I plan on making many more of these types quick weekend games. Hoping to improve and hone my skills of making video games using Unity.

Command and Conquer Tiberian Dawn

(September 25 2018 - October 2 2018)

I am working on a fan game, reimaging one of my favorite real time strategy games, Command and Conquer! I haven’t really put much work into it just yet, but whenever I get time I would love to keep going!


(November 2017)

This project renames files to (Series) – S##E##.wtv format for use with programs such as Plex. It uses TVDB database to determine season and episode number. All paths can be found in WTVRenamer.cfg.


(June 2017 - Present)

I am 1 of 3 developers on Camelot, a fully customizable system to test Narrative Engines. It is a research project I’ve worked on with the Narrative Intelligence Laboratory at the University of New Orleans. Depending on the configuration, this is either a first person behind a shoulder game or overhead point-and-click adventure game. Characters perform actions depending on the narrative system running behind the scenes.

Police Use of Force Simulation

(June 2016 - May 2017)
Virtual Reality Police Use of Force Training

I am the primary Unity developer on the Police Use of Force Prototype Simulation. It is a research project I’ve worked on with the Narrative Intelligence Laboratory at the University of New Orleans. You control a Police Officer in either VR or Keyboard/Mouse controls learning Use of Force policies.

Honest Abe

(January 13 2016 - April 28 2016)

Honest Abe is an arcade beat-em up style game about good ol’ President Lincoln. The confederates stole Mary Todd and beat our hero up and left him for dead. But he’s not dead, and he’s out for revenge!

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(October 9 2015 - December 3 2015)

Sokoban is a crate pushing puzzle game where you control a character that has to push crates onto targets. This was a Project for my AI Planning class. Basic gameplay implemented, and there are some basic planning algorithms also included in the project. However, the planning algorithms only work on the OS executables (not in the Web Version).

Sand City Attempt 2

(August 1 2015 - September 24 2015)

Went deeper with my idea from SandCity. You control a character on a beach. You can switch between first person (Sand digging mode) and third person (Move around the beach mode). I left this off with some weird Physics issues, but the mechanic was coming together before school kicked back into full gear.

Sand City

(July 5 2015 - July 19 2015)

Inspired by a beach trip I took, I really wanted to make a game where you could dig in the sand. Started a project, but scope was too big, and then it become this mess :p. Only part of the project as playable here, but the source shows that there is multiplayer, characters to control, etc…. yup, learning is fun!

Ninja-Time Strategy!

(October 21 2014 - October 27 2014)

This game is quite different. It’s not one of those games I’ve been dying to make for many years. On the flip-side, I decided to try to make a game on a “whim”. I also was very interested in HTML5 before I started, so this was a perfect opportunity.

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(September 27 2014)

Guerra is Spanish for War! This was the title of a childhood game that I used to play with my friends. It was a mixture between action and the game of Memory.

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Cannon Fodder

(June 24 2014 - August 14 2014)

https://etdofresh.github.io/CannonFodder Play Now!
https://github.com/ETdoFresh/CannonFodder Source Code

This was one of my favorite PC Games was Cannon Fodder. The mixture between a point-and-click adventure game and top-down action game was a home run in my eyes. Here is my initial attempt to remake it…

Pacman HD Clone

(Decemeber 1 2013 - February 25 2014)

I used GameMaker many years ago on a much earlier version (and less featured), but this is my first attempt to jump in using GML language.

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Pacman XNA C#

(December 23 2012 - October 20 2013)

This was my first and last XNA project. It’s not because I didn’t love XNA, it is very cool and very fast! But as an independent/sole developer, the time it took me to get to this point was too long. I realized I had to go to another tool like GameMaker or Unity.

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Water Balloon Boys

(February 25 2012 - February 27 2012)

A 48 game jam that was made in Corona SDK (LUA). You control a character than can throw water balloons. The mechanics were meant for mobile devices and you pull back on the character to throw the balloons. But first you have to find them.